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Junior managers

Soccer Archive Online

This section is aimed at those who are just kick starting their coaching career.
Things to remember:
* Plan your session - make sure it fits the kids you are coaching and know what you are coaching.
* Get to your session early and set up and be ready to go when your players arrive.
* Always start off by being and saying something positive to your players. Praise them.
* Tell them what will happen during the session ahead.
* Explain your drill, demonstrate the drill. Your players will remember more if you show them.
* Ask questions - see what they have learnt.

The idea is that in learning periods, what you remember most is what you hear at the beginning and the end. you increase retention by 40% by telling people what they've learned.


Level 1 coaching badge
Level 2 Coaching Certificate
Running with the Ball
Ball Control
Dribbling with the Ball
Accuracy of Passing
Long Passing
Creating space as a individual / Turns
Creating space to shoot
1 v 1 turning
1 v 1 Attacking play
3 v 3 Attacking play
Stopping forward play
Stop players turning
3 v 3 Defending
6 v 6
Long passes forward
Forward passes to feet

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