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Mental Preperation;

Goalkeepers must have what is called the 3 C's.

  1. Courage: Goalkeepers must be physical and expect to put their safety at risk to save a goal. He must also have a mental toughness to accept mistakes he might make during a game.
  2. Concentration: Goalkeepers must focus and a lack of concentration can and usually does result in a mistake being made. Goalkeepers should look at where the play and the ball is. Movement of opponents and where your own defenders are.
  3. Confidence: Confidence is essential for successful goalkeeping. If a goalkkeper is sure about his own ability then this will be a advantage.

Physical Preperation:

It is of the most importance that a goalkeeper can catch. This sounds obvious but it is essential that keepers at a young age should be taught how to catch the ball properly. It is a known fact that those with 'soft hands' find it easier to catch a ball.

Flexibility is also a need of a goalkeeper. To be able to dive both sides, jump high, get down low to shots and react quickly is something a keeper must learn.

Footwork is about, balance, speed and quickness. If a keeper has these basic skills then he has a chance to be a good shot stopper.


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