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Junior Blades
Club History
November 1992: There is a lot of bitterness between the White Hart Colts and the Barnby Dun team because both squads of players attend the same school. Whilst playing against the Colts Craig is accused of playing unregistered and overage players. He denies it. The Boys league registrar appears at the match and makes the same allegation. The club have to appear at a meeting to discuss the charges.

December 1992: Craig finds out three days before the hearing that both he and John are to be suspended. The league want to show a strong arm and the lads are to be severly punished. The White Hart Colts manager informs one of Craigs friends that he already knows the outcome of the meeting. On hearing this news John and Craig go into the meeting with all guns blazing and the meeting has to be adjourned.

January 1993: At the second meeting the league claim they have a video showing Barnby Dun playing overage players but they cannot show the video because they have no video machine. Craig again denies playing overage players. Because of information from the White Hart Colts managers wife, Craig and John are suspended Sine Die (without date) Craig and John are very unhappy with the decision and the way the league have dealt with the matter and feel they have been harshly treted. The league had no real proof but were upset with the manner in which John and Craig responded at the meetings.
The league believe that this is the end of the matter. How wrong they are.

April 1993: The Barnby Dun juniors finish the season with only three wins.

July 1993: Craig and John defy their ban and form another club, the Gateway Inn Ravens and now have three teams playing at under 11's, 12's and 13's age groups. This is right under the noses of the league who ahve no idea's that John and Craig are involved.

August 1993: Craig is seen running the line for the Ravens and is reported to the league.

September 1993: Craig is again seen officiating at a Ravens game and reported to the league. This time the club is fined 50 and warned for future conduct.

October 1993: A lot of clubs are caught playing overage and unregistered players, including the Colts but are only given fines. Steve the secretary of the Ravens and a loyal friend of Craig's writes a letter to the league asking why these teams only receive small fines but John and Craig were suspended. He writes that if you were called white Hart Knights you could do anything and get away with it. The letter angers the league and they call an extraodinary meeting to expell the Ravens.
June 1991: Whilst working as a teaching assistant at Barnby Dun First school Craig decided to form a school team. It was his first encounter with junior football. Barnby Dun's first ever game was played against local rivals Kirk Sandall and the game finished with a resounding 2-6 loss for Barnby Dun.

May 1992: Not put off by the loss Craig wanted to progress and move into the Boys league and play 11 a-side football. He formed Barnby Dun Juniors and with the help of John and Steve began training. Sponsorship was found and the Dragon House Chinese restaurant paid 300 for kit and equipment. The club was new part of the Doncaster & District Sunday Boys League and played at under 11's age group.

July 1992: Barnby Dun play their first games in a small sided competition at Moorends but do not win a game.

August 1992: The team play a friendly game against Rossington and are beaten 1-10. Barnby Dun's star striker is missing after being hit on the head with an hammer.

September 1992: The season kicks off and Barnby Dun lose 0-1 to Armthorpe Rovers. During a game against Bessacarr Craig plays an unregistered player in goal. Naughty!

October 1992: Barnby Dun win their first game against Hatfield 4-0.